Customer Service Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Supervisor?

Customer Service Supervisor in Colorado Springs, Colorado:
"Colorado Springs."
Pros: I have a job at all.
Cons: Not enough pay for the economy in this area.

Customer Service Supervisor in Henderson, Nevada:
Pros: How close it is to everything around me.
Cons: Not we’ll know

Customer Service Supervisor in Los Angeles, California:
Pros: Opportunities
Cons: Commute

Customer Service Supervisor in East Stroudsburg:
"Universal Benefits."
I believe they have a very affordable benefits package for Medical, Dental &Vision.The benefit claimants very basic needs and the even have a center of excellence program. Benefits also include 401k plus which is matched up to 6% . The personal time off compensation is accrued on a daily basis and allows you to use on on an as needed basis.

Customer Service Supervisor in New York:
Pros: Easy travels
Cons: Too busy on the streets

Customer Service Supervisor in Virginia Beach:
"Life on a Dime?"
Pros: Working in the beach can be a great place were you can meet many wounderful and different kinds of people. I can be an even greater experience when you enjoy what it is your doing in a sense. In my case giving people great food will never go out of style so to speak.
Cons: Would love to feel more appreciated for all the long days that I deal with the customers and give them my personality and great service on the front line to solve problems and make the same as those for which I AM TO SUPERVISER TO.

Customer Service Supervisor in Temple:
"Strive To better Myself."
I want a Position where I am growing ; and That has potential to Grow. I am the only one working In my house and my Family deserves the Best.