Customer Service Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Supervisor?

Customer Service Supervisor in Las Vegas:
Pros: Meet people from all walks of life.
Cons: People are not friendly.

Customer Service Supervisor in Arkadelphia:
"Very good."
Pros: The people and cow workers.
Cons: The some of the people I work with.

Customer Service Supervisor in Concord:
"Nice community, low traffic, normally, Quiet after 7 pm most."
Pros: Easy access, local population, same customers. Just off main highway so many visitors come while on vacation from Canada and Mass, Conn.
Cons: WE need to stay open regular store hours even though Concord rolls up their streets at 7 pm!

Customer Service Supervisor in Sault Ste. Marie:
"Customer service."
Pros: I love my co-workers and atmosphere.
Cons: I don't dis-like anything about my job.

Customer Service Supervisor in Allentown:
Pros: Convenient for lunch choices.
Cons: The drive to work.

Customer Service Supervisor in New York:
"Rewarding, and exciting."
Pros: I love New York residents! Working and even commuting surrounds me with people from all levels of life. A conversation with a New Yorker is an experience that never fails to bring some new information worth storing. Entertainment is never hard to come by, from fishing to a Broadway show.
Cons: The expenses of living in New York are ofter overwhelmingly. However, there are areas to live that make it worth it!

Customer Service Supervisor in Twinsburg:
"Cat herding."
Learn to be objective and supportive of your employees. They need you to help them see their value and potential, and you need to be clear about what is needed for them to reach their goals.