Data Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst in Olympia:
"Good Pay, Good Hours and Exciting field! I love it."
Pros: Innovation and new ideas on how to use the latest technology and tools to discover what many companies and organizations already have(millions among million sets of data)

Data Analyst in Middletown:
"Compelling and low stress job yet laborious."
Pros: Autonomy. Seeing results and statistics. I am capable of it. Detecting issues.
Cons: Not challenging enough. Boring at times.

Data Analyst in Norcross:
"Medium stress, enjoy the challenges."
Pros: There's always something new to do with data, and I'm always learning something that makes me rethink my own past decisions, so I take work I'm proud of and make it better over time.
Cons: Billable hours can be frustrating.

Data Analyst in Fallon:
"My decisions determine charges to allotment pools."
Pros: I like being involve in improving efficiency, the development of new processes, the creation of standard procedures, and the construction of new systems. I like being recognized as knowledgeable, and used as a resource for information and planning. I like that my job is usually flexible to family issues should they arise.
Cons: I don't like being limited to working only from the office. I detest managers who know very little, yet act as if they know all, to the detriment of the whole organization. I hate having to look busy if I get ahead of schedule.

Data Analyst in Denver:
"I like the company culture, however not technical postion."
Pros: The people I work with are great, very team oriented.
Cons: For a data analyst position, it is very automated and "push buttons". Not very much analysis or SQL use.

Data Analyst in Nashville:
"Work flexibility, co-workers, attmosphere."
Pros: Work flexibility of working from home.

Data Analyst in Atlanta:
"Creative problem solvet."
Pros: Freedom to create and problem solve on data needs.
Cons: Multitask balancing workload.