Data Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst in San Diego:
"Pay increase."
Pros: Comfortablility.
Cons: Lack of job improvement and education.

Data Analyst in Charlotte:
Pros: I often get to work on projects, which means I don't get bored doing the same thing. I like helping people find information they need and make decisions.
Cons: My workplace undervalues data quality and this position in general. This isn't even my real title, but it is what I do. They confuse Data Analysts with Database Administrators, unaware that they are two entirely different functions.

Data Analyst in Columbus:
"Being a data analyst."
Pros: Diversity with clients and projects. Mentally challenging and rewarding.
Cons: Sit at a desk all day. Do not get to interact or meet new people.

Data Analyst in St. Louis:
Pros: The projects and assignments.
Cons: The politics.

Data Analyst in New York:
"Data analyst."
Pros: Analyzing data and coming up with results that will generate more revenue for my company.
Cons: Monotonous tasks, QA, long meetings.

Data Analyst in Seattle:
"Data Ninja."
Pros: Working with many different databases and software languages to build ad-hoc, custom solutions to frequently changing customer needs. Learning new programming languages.
Cons: SAP integration with many clients, difficult HR.

Data Analyst in Appleton:
"Tell me about money."
Pros: They pay me, little, but money.
Cons: The pay me very little. Slavery is illegal, kind of.