Digital Marketing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Digital Marketing Manager?

Digital Marketing Manager in Kennesaw:
"Lovely Area."
Pros: College town with business interweaves. Lots of things to do and places to see on lunch break
Cons: Traffic

Digital Marketing Manager in Virginia Beach:
"The city with no personal brand."
Pros: When you get to know the folks who live here, you feel like it's a small town, even if it is the biggest one in the state. There's tons of money, people are willing to pay fairly. The tourists are a double edge sword, coming in with money, but being rude and too much at the same time. Overall, it's a good place to start.
Cons: Everyone knows each other, so when looking for another job, there are a lot of opinions about other companies and employers that have nothing to do with how much you may like the job or that employer/company. You have to remember that those close to you care about you, but have their own history.

Digital Marketing Manager in San Francisco:
Pros: Working in San Francisco is great due to the fast-paced environment.
Cons: Given client requests, work-life balance can be slightly off.

Digital Marketing Manager in Chicago:
"Good Culture, Flexible, No Vision."
Pros: I work in a lot of different platforms across 13 different accounts.
Cons: No vision for our department. Over-worked, underpaid and undervalued. I feel like my opportunities have dried up. The other manager is quitting which will leave a big hole in our department.

Digital Marketing Manager in Boise:
"Ride a Harley."
I wish I knew that I can ride any Harley on the lot whenever I want, before I bought two of them!

Digital Marketing Manager in Portland:
"Get comfortable speaking up."
You can get ahead more quickly by being someone who speaks up in meetings.

Digital Marketing Manager in New York:
"Digital Marketing Manager wearing many hats."
Pros: I have ownership of most of the digital marketing at the company. This has given me a vast experience that I wouldn't have been able to receive at a stuffy, corporate company. I do like the flexibility with working from home occasionally and with vacation usage.
Cons: Often stressful since I own email marketing and social media marketing for the company. We are a startup company, so this is commonplace.