Electrical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical Engineer in Warren:
Pros: The experience I obtain justifies what I learned in school. Sometimes, it shocks me that much of the knowledge not applied directly in the work. I get some more training and feel more confident after 6 months working at the same company. The testing is fun.I learn some more things that I could not understand well by reading textbooks alone. I have tried some design with HFSS and CST which I never had access to while attending college. The future is bright for good designer. After I am with my company for 2 years, I have been given more responsibilities and with my experience, I should have some room for advancing my career.
Cons: I still on contract with my company for 2 years now. Some of the training is not available to me. I don't have access to some important engineering documents and materials only available to full employees. I only have 1 week of paid vacation, no paid-time-off (PTO) or any other benefits.

Electrical Engineer in Alexandria:
"How important managing people would be."
Take a sociology course and management courses.

Electrical Engineer in Oklahoma City:
Becoming an Electrical Engineer is a job were it takes hard work and ability to accomplish a successful work environment.

Electrical Engineer in Annapolis:
"The paycheck is always on time."
Pros: Not much.
Cons: Management is non existent. Make sure you get your time card in on time with the right numbers, but that's about it.

Electrical Engineer in Knoxville:
"EE in Machine Design for Car Manufacturers."
Pros: Lax environment, done after 40 hours. Work is not too complicated. Good benefits. Design keeps things from getting to stale.
Cons: "Making it work" is appreciated far more than "getting it done right". Training is very lackluster. No say in process of machines, expected to just do electrical side like I'm told. EE Design is end phase of design so you are the one who makes up all of those "just a day or two late" times in the schedule. Essentially, given a machine design and you have to deal with it.

Electrical Engineer in New London:
"Overseeing projects."
Pros: Flex time.
Cons: No Overtime.

Electrical Engineer in Virginia Beach:
"General Construction Knowledge."
I spent the first few years working as a Project Engineer on construction sites. This opportunity gave me insight to the challenges of construction and learned general contracting work.