Electrical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical Engineer in Valparaiso:
"Work experience so far."
Pros: Culture, work flexibility, vast experience, office conditions, some perks.
Cons: Healthcare, union vs company, treatment by upper management.

Electrical Engineer in Leesburg:
"Rewarding but undervalued."
Pros: The job is great when it comes to job satisfaction and challenge. There is always something new to design and watching your design being built is a great self esteem boost. The work is flexible and varied.
Cons: Government employers often under compensate employee wages and there are specific roles that are over paid. This glaring lack of employee compensation and an overall lack of employee retention makes government service a very niche career field. You have to want to give your time away for less than it is worth.

Electrical Engineer in Flowood:
"Electrical Engineering Review."
Pros: I like that I have a flexible work environment doing something that I enjoy.
Cons: I feel like I have not received a deserved promotion but others have.

Electrical Engineer in Effingham:
Always accept any chance to learn. Knowledge is key.

Electrical Engineer in Tulsa:
"L-3 AMI."
Pros: Variety of work.
Cons: All people are interchangeable. ANY electrical can do ALL parts of electrical. Same for mechanical.

Electrical Engineer in Colton:
"Do your best to get the best out of your work."
Plan the jobs for your work and your subordinates work for tomorrow. Fine tune the plan in the morning. Monitor the progress throughout the day. Always be ready to make allowances for the unexpected evnts hapenning. Learn as much as possible about your work and apply it to the job. Make your work effective and efficient. Be an example to your subordinates.

Electrical Engineer in Kokomo:
"Training on Company Tools."
Pick your specialty within your field early and learn everything you can from the most experienced people.