Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Las Vegas:
Pros: I like the culture we carry on station casinos.
Cons: I work to many hours and have a lots of responsibility for what I make is not enough.

Executive Assistant in Miami:
"Dinamicly amazing."
Pros: Best boss ever, learn a lot, do a lot of thisng, but even when you are running you know that it´s woth it. I got to travel which has been the most amazing experience.
Cons: Salary and the lack of organization.

Executive Assistant in Oklahoma:
"It's great if you have a good boss."
Pros: Interacting with clients and building relationships with them. Helping the whole team and training others. Learning new skills and being in the know about office happenings. Being able to learn from boss by working closely together. Flexible schedule. Supportive team.
Cons: Having a dependent boss. Not being compensated for added responsibilities. Working for a government organization. Having to take he fall for a boss dragging their feet.

Executive Assistant in Manheim:
Pros: The daily challenges that I solve.
Cons: My commute.

Executive Assistant in Overland Park:
"Executive support."
Pros: Supportive role, variety, administrative duties.
Cons: Excel spreadsheets, long commute.

Executive Assistant in Grand Rapids:
"Executive Assistant review."
Pros: I like working with top management everyday as direct assistant. I'm direct assistant with CEO, CFO, and VP so I see all aspects of our company daily.
Cons: What I like least about my job is the amount of work I do for our top executivies for my rate of pay.

Executive Assistant in New York:
"Fashion Life."
Pros: I like that everyday is a different agenda, and I'm constantly meeting new people. I really appreciate that I am around people that I hope to one be like, financially. Most importantly, I like that I believe in the endless possibilities of this company and how far it can go.
Cons: I don't like that I feel like the under dog. Most importantly the pay.