Executive Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Santa Rosa:
"Find a different job, this one is over worked & under valued."

Executive Assistant in Chicago:
Partner with your C Level executive. Ask questions and make a list of preferences regarding travel, food, lodgings.

Executive Assistant in Warren:
"Very rewarding and offers a challenge that I like."
Pros: Constantly being busy with multiple tasks and achieving success through completion and being efficient.
Cons: I feel that I am over worked and under paid.

Executive Assistant in Dallas:
Pros: I love my job, I can see the direct effect I have on the workplace and it makes me fulfilled.
Cons: That there are no benefits and the pay is low.

Executive Assistant in Kinnelon:
"Compensation & Benefits Package."
If possible, review the package of the previous executive assistant.

Executive Assistant in Las Vegas:
"Gratifying, challenging, stressful at times."
Pros: I enjoy the job and the variety of responsibility that it brings each day.
Cons: My supervisors mood swings, the numerous list of priorities in an unacceptable time frame to accomplish.

Executive Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Like it Enough and Do it with Good People."
Job satisfaction is important but so many people focus on having a career/job that they love doing. Its great if you can make this happen, but life is full of compromises. If you find a job you like enough and you don't hate. You aren't doing too bad. Find something you like enough and do it with good people. Sometimes its not what you do but who you doing it with that creates an enjoyable work environment.