Executive Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in New York:
"Tools necessary to excel."
Register for all available computer training offered by the employer. Research your boss's role and assess your scope of work.

Executive Assistant in San Francisco:
"That it required project management skills."
Much of what an executive assistant does is classified as administrative, however, be careful not to be hired to do the work of a project manager for a lower wage. It is a common practice to hire someone for lower wages who is less of a cookie-cutter fit to any one role, but can do the work of a project management consultant and is unaware of the pay that they can request for such services.

Executive Assistant in Grand Rapids:
I wish I'd know what the financial 'caps' were for my position. Same positions are now starting at nearly what I currently make after 23 years, including all benefits.

Executive Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Learning Key Internal Processes."
Seek and cultivate relationships with internal contacts when learning new processes that relate to your job function and keep your manager updated with a time line of your progress of getting tasks completed. Always provide next steps and eta of completion.

Executive Assistant in Chicago:
"All the work it intails and the way I am treated."
Get it in writing.

Executive Assistant in Pensacola:
Continue education to professionalize you skills.

Executive Assistant in Muskegon:
"Great Place to Work."
Listen and learn.