Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Los Angeles:
"A firm that shapes the world's culture."
Pros: Being at the most prestigious firm in the world with extremely intelligent people that are dedicated to making change across the globe to save lives and position companies for success....
Cons: Nothing....

Executive Assistant in Overland Park:
"Better understanding of excel and word."
Accuracy/organized/think ahead.

Executive Assistant in Monterey:
"Excellent Learning Experience."
Pros: Ability to learn a wide variety of aspects of the event planning business.
Cons: Inability to rise financially based on position/title.

Executive Assistant in Phoenix:
"My company has a great culture."
Pros: Culture, flexibility, kind leadership.

Executive Assistant in Philadelphia:
"Management always something new and challenging."
Pros: Challenging.
Cons: Management doesn't acknowledge position as a priority.

Executive Assistant in Arlington:
Pros: I meet a lot of people. I make my own decisions and learn a lot through my career. Very flexible, cultural and a swanky environment. In addition I love my team.
Cons: It can be demanding and at time tedious. Stressful with long hours.

Executive Assistant in Jefferson City:
"Assisting the office, telephones."
Pros: Customer service, assisting others .
Cons: A lot of work for one person when you assist everyone.