Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Dallas:
Pros: I love my job, I can see the direct effect I have on the workplace and it makes me fulfilled.
Cons: That there are no benefits and the pay is low.

Executive Assistant in Las Vegas:
"Gratifying, challenging, stressful at times."
Pros: I enjoy the job and the variety of responsibility that it brings each day.
Cons: My supervisors mood swings, the numerous list of priorities in an unacceptable time frame to accomplish.

Executive Assistant in The Woodlands:
"Corporate culture, positive office conditions, medium stress."
Pros: Corporate culture, positive atmosphere, people depend on me for many things,
Cons: Underpaid, pay is hourly rate, overtime is minimal.

Executive Assistant in Troy:
Pros: Management, work flexibility, coworkers, staff events.
Cons: Compensation and not challenging.

Executive Assistant in Hanover:
"Executive Assistant For A Government Contractor."
Pros: Planning events, planning travel, scheduling meetings, great coworkers, interacting with other executives and management from partnering companies.
Cons: Taking notes and meeting minutes, having to pay daily tolls for my commute.

Executive Assistant in Aurora:
"Lots Of Duties And Responsibilities, Stressful, Learn A Lot."
Pros: Learns the duties and responsibilities and provides assistance and backup for the Chief Executive Officer, Billing Director, and Director of Records and Compliance. I have the opportunity to learn and grow so much.
Cons: Stress level, unnecessary tasks, coworker.

Executive Assistant in Jericho:
"Boring And Busy."
Pros: I work for a lot of different people, not just one partner so that keeps it a little more interesting. I have varied responsibilities.
Cons: The work itself is tedious and boring, nothing interesting about clicking a mouse and typing the same things over and over (tax return and financial statement processing).