Executive Chef Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Chef?

Executive Chef in Exeter:
"Step Process."
As an Executive Chef you will fail and fail again. It is what you take from those apparent failures and do with them that matters. Remember to stay the course and keep at it, it will take many steps to accomplish anything.

Executive Chef in West Palm Beach:
"Organization and dedication."
To be organized, I.e. Have check lists of all purchasing items as well as daily prep lists for cooks and assistant cooks. Be prepare to work long hours in the beginning.

Executive Chef in Columbia:
"Rewarding career just not financially."
Learn and grow as quickly as u can with out sacrificing your morals.

Executive Chef in West Palm Beach:
"Grass it not always greener."
Don`t be to hasty to change jobs.

Executive Chef in Little Rock:
Stay focus and make detail records of all events and purchases.

Executive Chef in Columbia:
"Results may vary."
The part of being a chef I loved was the creativity. When you accept a new job, it may require you loosing the part of the job you love. Also, working hard and intelligently may not result in success.

Executive Chef in Manchester:
"Chef Delicious."
Pros: I am an Island, standing alone not much support. It is better like that.
Cons: Fighting the battle of time creating the three miracles of the day, Bam!!!