Executive Chef Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Chef?

Executive Chef in Lancaster:
Bring passion to your job, love teaching new cooks, be responsible and dedicated and no matter how pretty your food is, if you can't make money off of it, you won't have a job long.

Executive Chef in Miami Beach:
Pros: The challenges of opperating where there is no culture.
Cons: Te inexperience of employees and ego.

Executive Chef in New Orleans:
"Stress level."
Pros: Satisfaction of getting all tasks completed and on time.
Cons: Unusual hours.

Executive Chef in Troy:
Pros: It's on the up and up and has a good chance of reviving.
Cons: Local college that buys up historical buildings and pays no taxes on then.

Executive Chef in Columbia:
Work hard to gain the respect from your employees; that will help you to grow to become a great chef.

Executive Chef in Grand Rapids:
"How stressful it was."
Get your compensation in writing.

Executive Chef in Sacramento:
Be organized and dedicated and except failure and criticize..