Front Desk Agent Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Front Desk Agent?

Front Desk Agent in Paso Robles:
"Front Desk Assosiate at a 4 Diamond hotel in paso robles ca."
Pros: Wine, nice weather, family, and good poeple.
Cons: Exspensive living.

Front Desk Agent in Kansas City:
"Interesting guests stay at Embassy Suites."
Pros: Talking to the guests, managers provide a good working environment. Each shift is different from the last one.
Cons: It is a far commute. More consistent money.

Front Desk Agent in Jacksonville:
"The job itself is a position, but its a dead end position."
Pros: Talking to the guests and getting to know people.
Cons: Room for advancement is no where and the pay sucks.

Front Desk Agent in Columbia:
Pros: Interacting with guest. Making sure they have a smile on their face .
Cons: Bad management.

Front Desk Agent in Belton:
"Hampton Inn review."
Pros: Customer service oriented environment provides an opportunity to develop particular skills.
Cons: The lack of consistency in scheduling and major issues with organization, following up with tasks, and team cohesiveness.

Front Desk Agent in Chicago:
Pros: Working with people and solving problems and improve results.
Cons: Nothing.

Front Desk Agent in Dayton:
"Its great but.."
Pros: I love the different people you get to mean from all over the world, I love putting a smile on each persons face. And when they com in without one I do my best to make sure their stay is well enough that they can at least walk out with one. The way I look at it to make it less stressful is by I didn't make the problem they come to me with, I'm the fixer of problems. So I just don't take it personally. Just make them happy.
Cons: The pay sucks, its not enough for what you are told to do. To make 200 guests happy alone is a challenge but to do it literally alone, thats not worth less than $10 an hour...