Front Desk Agent Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Front Desk Agent?

Front Desk Agent in Walla Walla, Washington:
"Small Town, Great Hospitality."
Pros: Everyday is different at my job, between the guests, the coworkers and the seasons.
Cons: The limited jobs opportunities and the decrees of hospitality jobs in the winter time.

Front Desk Agent in Winchester, Virginia:
"I love Winchester."
Pros: Close to home and I meet very interesting people.
Cons: Pay rate

Front Desk Agent in San Francisco:
"Friendly People."
Pros: The People, The Food, The Weather, is all fantastic to live here and spend vacation is a must for all walks of life I suggest always getting some fresh air with a nice breeze its always hitting you most of the time making you feel really nice and cool all the time.
Cons: I Feel San Francisco Needs to help the homeless get jobs or put them back into a mental hospital because some people are mentally unstable.

Front Desk Agent in Lincoln:
"It's good."
Pros: The people. The city. The weather. Nebraska football.
Cons: Not many jobs, wages seem lower,