Front Desk Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Front Desk Receptionist?

Front Desk Receptionist in Akron:
"My daily interaction with people in need."
Pros: The thing I like most is helping people, I am a people person. All the office tasks I enjoy. Learning more and more on the computer and the class I took through my emplyer. I feel important and that makes me feel good. I am fortuniate that I do have the flexible hours right now and I can work 4, 5 hour days instead of 5 4 hours days.
Cons: The thing I like least is confrontation with other employees. Also I dont like people starring down at me while I do my job, it makes me nervous. Right now there is know supervisor here so yhat makes things very stressful because some employees are taking advantage of that.

Front Desk Receptionist in Mayfield:
"Get Involved."
Try to learn as much as you can from fellow employees. Be involved and ask employees if they need help. If educational courses are included at your employer, take advantage.

Front Desk Receptionist in Salt Lake City:
Pros: My job is not very stressful and very simple.
Cons: The flexibility and co workers and not organized.

Front Desk Receptionist in San Antonio:
"Stressful but love the people."
Pros: The clients we have and the help we give.
Cons: Evening hours and many hours.

Front Desk Receptionist in New York City:
"Great ability to interact with the public."
Pros: Provide service and help others. Solve problems and distribute information about yoga. Talk to lots of different people and usually just help them accomplish their goal of taking classes.
Cons: Some stress at times. Some difficulty in knowing what the management is thinking or planning, little involvement of staff is changes that are planned or implemented.

Front Desk Receptionist in Pittsburgh:
"Front Desk Reception payment processor."
Pros: Diversity. Flexibility. Interactions.
Cons: Stress level. Disrepectful kids.

Front Desk Receptionist in Santa Rosa:
"Team players in your deptl."
Spend time with your co-workers.