Front Desk Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Front Desk Receptionist?

Front Desk Receptionist in Reno, Nevada:
Pros: The surrounding area
Cons: Nothign

Front Desk Receptionist in East Liverpool, Ohio:
"Not sure of a good headline."
Pros: its close to home
Cons: pay isn't great

Front Desk Receptionist in Princess Anne:
"A great place to help the community."
Pros: I love the part that sees how the patients are becoming more and more stable and healthy. How therapy is working for them and how it is affecting their lives.
Cons: Having to call the police to Emergency Petition patients,

Front Desk Receptionist in Richmond:
"Small town, no growth."
Pros: Not as much traffic as larger cities.
Cons: Old ways of thinking keep growth in business from happening.

Front Desk Receptionist in Jacksonville:
Pros: People interaction.
Cons: Insurance benefits.

Front Desk Receptionist in Kempton Park:
"Its frastraiting, because everything starts by you."
Pros: To work at frant is nice by only onething to be known by everyone.everyone will ask as if you know ,even if you dont know anything.
Cons: When one could be streessed and come to you with that mind .and make feel like working there is useless.