General / Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a General / Operations Manager?

General / Operations Manager in New York:
"You get to do a little bit of everything."
Pros: Project management and making sure everything happens. Being in control of all the moving parts to ensure that things move forward.
Cons: Lots of responsibility and when things fail it's on your shoulders. People look to you for guidance and you don't always have the answers.

General / Operations Manager in Lynn:
"My Job."
Pros: The people and staff are always friendly.
Cons: I do not approve of the micro management and high school mentality.

General / Operations Manager in Houston:
"Stress Level."
Pros: Flexible hours and I'm able to make my own schedule. Friendly work environment. Easy.
Cons: Stressful. Not as many responsibilities as I would like. No room for growth. Owner is absent most of the time and does not listen to new ideas.

General / Operations Manager in Chesterfield:
"Busy And A Lot Of Work To Do."
Pros: Decorating cakes. The employees are nice some. Its close to my house. Quit most of the time.
Cons: Can't get a hold of the owners at times. Keep telling the owners over and over to come fix stuff and they don't. Pay is small.

General / Operations Manager in Wilmington:
"The Adventure Of Learning New Skills And Polishing Others."
Pros: The continual diversity of tasks keeps one completely on your toes, encouraging the development of new skill sets and leadership abilities.
Cons: The sway in work load throughout the calendar year.

General / Operations Manager in Honolulu:
"Long Hours."
Pros: Providing people the tools to succeed on their own initiative.
Cons: Long hours, little pay, monthly director meetings.

General / Operations Manager in San Francisco:
Pros: Making people feel good.
Cons: Physical and constant movement.