Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in Nashville:
"Exciting work, not enough money."
Pros: Working on some exciting project for national brands with a great team of co-workers.
Cons: Getting paid less that others in the local industry even though I have more experience. Not feeling valued by upper management.

Graphic Designer in Los Angeles:
"Comfortable and Inspiring."
Pros: Creating designs to inspire people to use alternative modes of transportation such as subways, bikes, walking, trains in southern California.
Cons: Not much.

Graphic Designer in Lakeland:
"A Great Start."
Pros: It is a great job to gain experience. You learn something new all the time. The team is all friendly. The office is a great environment. The manager takes his staff out to celebrate accomplishments, Holidays, and more.
Cons: Micromanagement. Micromanagement. Micromanagement. The beginning of each month is known to designers as "Hell Week." There is not enough staff. Assignments change constantly, and nothing is set. So things learned go out the window. Some employee's do not "pull their weight."

Graphic Designer in Harlingen:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: I like that it's a 8:30 to 5:30 (no exceptions to clients) and weekends off.
Cons: Repetative jobs and spoiled customers and employees.

Graphic Designer in Bangor:
"Challenging, Varied workload, fun, chance to be creative."
Pros: No day is the same as the last, every day I get new challenges and have to think on my feet.
Cons: Would like to get more money. The area is slightly depressed economically.

Graphic Designer in Los Angeles:
Pros: Great work environment, great benefits package, fun coworkers, relaxed dress code.
Cons: No creativity, no organization, poor project management, overworked and underpaid.

Graphic Designer in Oshkosh:
Pros: Creative freedom.
Cons: Perception of my job.