Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in Buffalo:
Pros: Flex time, low stress level, good manager.
Cons: Can't work from home, unchallenging.

Graphic Designer in Charlotte:
"Work Flexibility and Creative Freedom."

Graphic Designer in Tucson:
Pros: Being able to be creative. Leave half day early if need to and get paid for it. Paid vacation and holidays. Nice building I get to work in. I've become a great designer working there. I've learned a lot of new skills there.
Cons: Too much overtime needed. Feel underpaid. Stressful. Short deadlines. More production work than design work. Shorthanded.

Graphic Designer in Houston:
"Challenging but rewarding."
Pros: Flexible hours and friendly staff.
Cons: Business in the Oil and Gas industry has slowed down significantly.

Graphic Designer in Dayton:
"Is good if you are a Robot..."
Pros: The co-workers are the best part of the job.
Cons: At this company, In this design role, you are not encouraged to be creative at all. They are a complete creative suck when it comes to ads. The senior management (who are not in the design field) dictate how the ads look and they make sure to break every design principle. The tackier it is, the more they love it. It sucks that at the end of the day, you cannot be proud or take ownership of any of the work done. They will not listen to constructive criticism due to the narcissistic working environment. Basically, you are a monkey cranking out bad designs day in and day out. For anyone who takes pride in what they do.... Stay away...far far away from this place!

Graphic Designer in Washington:
Pros: Being creative.

Graphic Designer in Miami:
Pros: Benfits and perks.
Cons: Stressful, poor management.