Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in Washington:
Pros: Being creative.

Graphic Designer in Miami:
Pros: Benfits and perks.
Cons: Stressful, poor management.

Graphic Designer in Fayetteville:
Pros: Freedom of creativity, do not feel like a link in the corporate chain, in the same town in which I live = low commute time, flexibility when it comes to working from home, casual dress and attire for day-to-day, co-workers that are in my age range,
Cons: Inconsistency with administrative things with timely and accurate payouts of biweekly checks, haphazard office schedule, structure of company could use work, no job security since it's a start-up, no paid days off, no bonus, no insurance coverage.

Graphic Designer in San Diego:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: I'm pretty free to do what I want and keep myself busy. They give me creative freedom.
Cons: I feel sometimes I'm not as important to the company as the family is, sense its a family ran company.

Graphic Designer in Washington:
"College student."
Pros: Creativity, communicating.
Cons: Lack of management.

Graphic Designer in Hillsboro:
Pros: Working independently and listening to music.
Cons: Bad supervisor.

Graphic Designer in Melbourne:
"Hi I am a graphic designer I know path, retouching, some etc."
Pros: Path, retouching, colour correction. Masking, image manupulation, some other Photoshop works.