Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in San Francisco:
"Graphic Designer - Peek Kids - Salary Review."
Pros: Taking a project from concept to finished product. Ideation.
Cons: Micromanaged and not enough help. Not enough time for concepting and being creative.

Graphic Designer in Amman:
"Means I am a creativity man , and can draw the world in a de."
Pros: That I can design what ever I want in my way without being limited hands.
Cons: Its taks to long to finish your Awesome design.

Graphic Designer in Oklahoma City:
Pros: I get to do what I went to school for.
Cons: The pay and location.

Graphic Designer in Chicago:
Pros: Work flexibility, stress level,
Cons: Salary is too low, long commute.

Graphic Designer in Birmingham:
"Flexibility, Creative Control."
Pros: As the sole graphic designer, I often am developing ideas, logos, and layouts from scratch, and I enjoy having creative control over projects, as well as setting the standards moving forward. I also have a flex schedule so I can work when I'm most productive and creative.
Cons: Working in a vacuum can be difficult, and I don't have other creatives around to challenge, inspire, and teach me new things. Conversely, I don't have anyone to challenge, inspire, or teach.

Graphic Designer in Chicago:
"Graphic Designer/ Illustrator."
Pros: In the right atmosphere/ with the right people work is: fun and rewarding, You are always growing, always gaining more knowledge.
Cons: It can be very hard to find a good employer or really any work at all. Design and Illustration is very subjective. It is the first thing that gets cut from a company. Many people don't understand design and illustration -- your friends and family will have many misconceptions about what you do. Many times a marketing department is not treated fairly and you are over worked, under paid.

Graphic Designer in Livonia:
"Busy, deadlines, diverse and creative."
Pros: I like the ability to be creative and to find the right product for the right person.
Cons: Dealing with disorganized people.