HVAC Service Technician Advice

Q: What is it like working as a HVAC Service Technician?

HVAC Service Technician in Sacramento:
"Requires physical and mental strenght."
Work as a helper for a hvac contractor, research what the job entails.decide if a carrer in HVAC would keep your interest and pay you a wage you could live well on? Dont enroll in trade schools and pay tuition until you have a real understanding of the trade.You may discover it's not what you expected.

HVAC Service Technician in Dallas:
"A challenging carrier."
Pros: Every day is different and challenging.
Cons: There are no bonus or incentives.

HVAC Service Technician in Hartford:
"Stresfull somewhat."
You have to be consistant even I f you feel peers sre giving you abad tssye of the trade stick it out.

HVAC Service Technician in Stone Mountain:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: What I like most about my job is that there is not really a set time in which I have to be at work and also I lkke the laid-back atmosphere.
Cons: What I dislike most about my job at LII is that the management can be unorganized.

HVAC Service Technician in Damariscotta:
"We do the best job."
Pros: Something different everyday the people are the best to work for.
Cons: There is not one.

HVAC Service Technician in Pasadena:
"It is challenging and rewarding."
Pros: I am treated very well and will be the head of the service department.
Cons: I feel that I am worth more an hour and could do more work if there was more work provided.

HVAC Service Technician in Dallas:
"How to learn."
Ask so many questions, you get told, "not right now". The only way to learn is to do. Take the tools, make it happen. School only teaches you enough to get a job, so you can learn more. It does not make you a technician. If your job won't condone learning this way, then out may be wise to seek out another company.