Housekeeper Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Housekeeper?

Housekeeper in West Yarmouth:
"Have to like your work....."
Take pride in what you do ..... Making it twice takes time and is upsetting not only to you but to others as well......

Housekeeper in Concord:
"Work smart not hard."
Be a team player and safety first.

Housekeeper in Charleston:
"Its ok I guess."
Pros: Meeting me w people.
Cons: All the work I'm responsible for and less pay.

Housekeeper in Greenville:
"That was not going to get a raise."
Dont do it.

Housekeeper in St. Petersburg:
"It's not what I dreamed of doing growing up."
Pros: I work independentally.
Cons: I am at their beck and call. I have no social life because of it. I work nights and weekends and am on call. Extra responsibilities are constantly being added to my job. Eg, ironing, pulling weeds; taking child to the pool and teaching swimming; cleaning grout all throughout house; etc.

Housekeeper in Spencer:
"It helps people."
Pros: Meeting people and helping people.
Cons: The pay is not that good.

Housekeeper in Rolla:
"That the supervisor is not available."
Stay away from drama.