Housekeeper Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Housekeeper?

Housekeeper in Knoxville:
"I enjoy it."
Pros: Meeting people.
Cons: The heat outside.

Housekeeper in Van Wert:
"Waitress, ok."
Pros: Meeting people and pleasing them.
Cons: A lot of running around.

Housekeeper in Goodlettsville:
"Love my job just feel the pay could be a little better."
Pros: The guest.
Cons: Low on supplies.

Housekeeper in Hopkinsville:
"How long it would last."
Ask lots of questions.

Housekeeper in San Jose:
"I would charge by the job not the hour."
I pay taxes and pay into the State Disability. I am looking for a better job now. I love what I do. You can charge by the job not the hour. Also, use green cleaning supplies for better health down the road.

Housekeeper in Concord:
Pros: I like my boss, he is a good man and is very flexible.
Cons: My coworkers, the stress level of the environment I work in. Having to come in at 330 p.m and stay till sometimes 6 a.m because no one else does their work.

Housekeeper in West Yellowstone:
"Pretty easy, discounts, cheap rent, and work flexibility."
Pros: Getting tips from good guests. Getting discounts on food.
Cons: The least thin I like about my job is having to clean dirty toilets.