Housekeeper Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Housekeeper?

Housekeeper in Pontiac:
"Better pay."
I hope everything else goes well and they should pay housekeepers for what they are worth it's very hard work but it can be done but it's like living in poverty.

Housekeeper in Modesto:
"Its frustrating."
Pros: I get to work alone, I enjoy being able to help others and I build great relationships with my clients.
Cons: I get taken advantage of when I'm played...I don't get paid what I'm worth or no matter how good of job I do or how many hours I work I dont get compensated. I don't get paid extra for doing carpets, windows. Laundry services, cooking or pet care.

Housekeeper in Columbia:
"Undecided to stay or leave."
Pros: Some if the other workers are ver nice.
Cons: Not enough of hours. Pay rate is terrible. I cant pay all my bills n the manager doesnt care.

Housekeeper in Manchester:
"Pay raises."
Inquire rate of pay increases.

Housekeeper in Wirral:
"Enjoyable but hardworking."
Pros: The end product.
Cons: Stressful.

Housekeeper in Brigham City:
"How is this legal?"
Pros: I was able to witness firsthand, the abuse and neglect of my fellow coworkers...being paid 3.50$/room-piece rate..with each room costing the customer close to 100$/night, the customer has every reason to believe that their room will be actually clean and their is NO reasonable expectation that a customer will tip the housekeepers. The housekeepers are told that if the rooms arent clean by check in time that they can be fired (expected to complete their remaining rooms without pay) or pressured/invited to QUIT their job. I like having MORNING PRAYERS with housekeeping manager..but disagree with GROUP the employees feel obligated to participate when its asked for by mgr. I await lawsuit.
Cons: I do not care for the religious descrimination, (Housekeeping mgr has openly and proudly stated she will only hire people of her LDS faith) or the favoritism (e.g.; "you keep quiet and do as your told and MAYBE you can be promoted if you decide to become best friends with mgmt) or their attitude towards the customer blatant and open use of illicit drugs (laughing and instructing mgr on duty NOT to call the authorities and then expecting MOD to APOLOGIZE for inquiring about the proper way to deal with situation...because it was an interruption in Motel mgr weekend) I don't agree with their policy on the use of Hampton Inn workout room/pool/hot tub by the employees during their off hrs-as its NOT allowed...also, an employee of this Hampton Inn location may NOT book a room during their time off, using the employees discount, at this location(an employee is NOT allowed to use the Hampton Inn facilities that they also work at, for any reason, at any time- outside of work) I could go on..

Housekeeper in North Charleston:
"Life at Hampton."
Pros: I like to interact andeet the guests from all over the world. I love giving my all to thier satisfaction.
Cons: The way management favors some employees over others.