Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Coordinator?

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in San Francisco:
Pros: The people.
Cons: Poor management, no career progression, underpaid.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Elizabethton:
"Very Stressful workload."
Pros: Love the people I work with.
Cons: Working with the CEO and the hours.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Renton:
"No chance for Advancement and very stressful."
Try and learn everything you can. Get a degree and certifications. Reach out and network to establish a repore and connections for advancement and growth.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Overland Park:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: My co-workers, my clients for the most part (all MSLC associates), my schedule, the success we've experienced.
Cons: The ceiling on raises due to CBIZ corporate HR and not being able to get raises based on MSLC's evaluation. Somestimes I wish there were more work to do during the slow periods of the year.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Dallas:
"Stress Level, Corporate Culture."
Pros: Interacting with new and old corporate employee's in all departments.
Cons: Manager is very negative, seems as though she is a back stabber, will talk really nice to your face but then will turn around and talk about you behind your back. Says really inappropriate things and complains that HR is just a peon since we are in the staffing industry and our department doesn't make the company any money.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Sanford:
"The World of HR."
Consistency is the key. Be flexible to change. Document, document, & document. Be active in associate engagement. Don't just hire anyone, but hire the most suitable candidate for the position. Go with your first instinct. Utilize your resources.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in New York:
"Interesting work."
Pros: I am learning a lot. Each day is different because so many different things can happen in HR.
Cons: Not a lot of growth, salary is extremely low.