Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Coordinator?

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Kennett Square:
"HR pay scale."
Pros: The community and the family.
Cons: None I like living in kennett square and working.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Troy:
"City of Culture."
Pros: Lots of things to do, variety of people to meet, very fun atmosphere.
Cons: The commute and heavy traffic.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Philadelphia:
"Seek better career opportunities."
Always ask for training and see about better career opportunities

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Rexburg:
"People Are Important."
Take good care of the company employees and the return in investment will be there.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Milwaukee:
"HR is a Tough Job."
Pros: Helping the employees of the agency feel helped and appreciated.
Cons: I don't particularly care for the tedious tasks, e.g., sending out TB test reminders.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Fullerton:
Pros: Not stressful. Good team and boss.
Cons: The politics of the office. Small company.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Sacramento:
"Okay job, not quite a career."
Pros: I like the flexibility of my job, and the times that I am able to get out of the office and meet clients in person. It isn't always the same everyday, and we are constantly learning.
Cons: Certain clients are not the best to work with. Recruiting is fine, but would prefer not to have so many phone screenings.