Line Cook Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Line Cook?

Line Cook in Sioux City:
"Our management is racist."
Pros: I love my job but management sucks.
Cons: The managers don't car about us. They just see us as a low life.

Line Cook in Palm Springs:
"Fun you get to meet different group of people."
Pros: Meeting people from different part of the world.
Cons: The heat.

Line Cook in Warrington:
"It's different."
Pros: It's close to home.
Cons: I rather be working more highend.

Line Cook in Austell:
Pros: Location to my residence. .theres nothing very positive to say about my employer.
Cons: The management is poor current staff continuously has a bad attitude and the quality of good is low. Poor work attitude amongst employees.

Line Cook in Spring Hill:
Pros: I like how everyone respects everybody and everything goes smoothly.
Cons: No room for growth in springhill.

Line Cook in Holland:
"Bicycle mechanic."
Pros: Friendly environment with customers coming from all around the state including people from overseas. Very diverse and perfect location to ride around.
Cons: Not the busiest. Weather can affect business for majority of novice riders.

Line Cook in Bayfield:
"Prep is key."
Listen well. Pay attention to details. Be clean. And prepwork can make life a lot easier.