Logistics Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Logistics Coordinator?

Logistics Coordinator in Winchester:
Pros: My own personal office desk.
Cons: I feel unappreciated and underpaid.

Logistics Coordinator in Winchester:
"Stressful and unappreciated as well as under paid."
Pros: I have my own personal desk and work area.
Cons: Pay is to low.

Logistics Coordinator in Seymour:
"Being a Team Player."
Learn every aspect of job.Be hands on.Be involved with desicions.

Logistics Coordinator in Kinston:
"The challenge."
Pros: The thing I like most about my job is no two days are ever the same. Each day presents new challenges and presents learning opportunities.
Cons: The strike guidelines under which we have to work.

Logistics Coordinator in Oak Park:
Pros: The people and drivers.
Cons: The last minute loads.

Logistics Coordinator in Lafayette:
"Better trained in Office Software."
Use all the computer software you can.

Logistics Coordinator in Cincinnati:
"Working in a business environment."
Always work for the customer. Learn about his product and how to ship it. Always keep in touch with your customer during the shipping process. Be confident and understanding. Know that the customer is concerned about their order.