Logistics Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Logistics Coordinator?

Logistics Coordinator in Winchester:
"Stressful and unappreciated as well as under paid."
Pros: I have my own personal desk and work area.
Cons: Pay is to low.

Logistics Coordinator in Kinston:
"The challenge."
Pros: The thing I like most about my job is no two days are ever the same. Each day presents new challenges and presents learning opportunities.
Cons: The strike guidelines under which we have to work.

Logistics Coordinator in Oak Park:
Pros: The people and drivers.
Cons: The last minute loads.

Logistics Coordinator in Woodinville:
Pros: Culture, work, coworkers, management.
Cons: Low career development, no reviews.

Logistics Coordinator in Fort Lauderdale:
"Stressed on schedule all the time."
Pros: The rush from the daily rutine.
Cons: How money changed the boss.

Logistics Coordinator in Oxford:
"Life After College."
Pros: The flexibility of our office environment to work from home when needed.
Cons: The disorganized nature of getting start up off the ground.