Logistics Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Logistics Coordinator?

Logistics Coordinator in Edison:
"It is great the job is very close to my house."
Pros: I like my job very much I get to talk to people all the time.
Cons: The company is not very organized.

Logistics Coordinator in Evanston:
Pros: Great insurance plans and weekly free lunches. Close to home.
Cons: Lack upward mobility, racism, and not able to work remotely.

Logistics Coordinator in Pittsburgh:
"Casual coporate culture."
Pros: Casual culture, retail discount, project management.
Cons: Long days, long commute, low pay, poor management.

Logistics Coordinator in Wentzville:
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: No bonus.

Logistics Coordinator in Toronto:
Always be prepare for any issues. Friendly. Organize.

Logistics Coordinator in New York:
"Perks for Logistics Coordinator."
Pros: Interfacing with many people.
Cons: No opportunities for growth within the company.

Logistics Coordinator in Inglewood:
"Very busy."
Pros: I like the hours, the people, the freedom that most jobs don't have.
Cons: My wages, there's too many responsibilities and the pay is too low.