Logistics Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Logistics Coordinator?

Logistics Coordinator in San Leandro, California:
"Great place to work for car lovers."
Pros: The city is nice and relaxed

Logistics Coordinator in Jacksonville, Florida:
"No problems."
Pros: Room to grow
Cons: over crowded

Logistics Coordinator in Williamsport, Maryland:
"Williamsport is a great small town community with many employment opportunities on the outskirts."
Pros: I love the small town community.
Cons: Pay is lower then the Frederick area just 30 miles away.

Logistics Coordinator in Elizabeth, New Jersey:
Pros: Close to Home
Cons: Traffic

Logistics Coordinator in Logan:
"I like the flexibility and the culture of my position."
Pros: The stress level is not too high and it is flexible with my schedule. I don't have to work weekends and I get to practice and develop new skills.
Cons: I would like more responsibility. I feel like I would be great in a leadership position.

Logistics Coordinator in Riverside:
Pros: Fast pace.
Cons: Negativity.