Logistics Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Logistics Coordinator?

Logistics Coordinator:
I enjoy working for the company. I been with the company for over ten years. Great benefits. Pay could be better for all the work you have to do that's not in your job description. The culture is different from what I am a custom to.

Logistics Coordinator in San Leandro:
"Great place to work for car lovers."
Pros: The city is nice and relaxed

Logistics Coordinator in Jacksonville:
"No problems."
Pros: Room to grow
Cons: over crowded

Logistics Coordinator in Williamsport:
"Williamsport is a great small town community with many employment opportunities on the outskirts."
Pros: I love the small town community.
Cons: Pay is lower then the Frederick area just 30 miles away.

Logistics Coordinator in Elizabeth:
Pros: Close to Home
Cons: Traffic

Logistics Coordinator in Logan:
"I like the flexibility and the culture of my position."
Pros: The stress level is not too high and it is flexible with my schedule. I don't have to work weekends and I get to practice and develop new skills.
Cons: I would like more responsibility. I feel like I would be great in a leadership position.

Logistics Coordinator in Riverside:
Pros: Fast pace.
Cons: Negativity.