Marketing Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Specialist?

Marketing Specialist in Evansville:
"Interesting Work."
Pros: Learning new things, meeting new people, winning bids.
Cons: Pay.

Marketing Specialist in Santa Barbara:
"I wish I knew how hard it was to grow."
Take it as a learning experience, but don't expect to become a manager or get paid well.

Marketing Specialist in Charlotte:
Pros: My office manager is easy to talk to and we're able to share our ideas freely.
Cons: We are not allowed to drink the office water. There's not much office flexibility, unless management is out of the office for the day on meetings we are required to be present.

Marketing Specialist in Maple Grove:
"Exciting and fulfilling, with a good amount of autonomy."
Pros: I have a lot of freedom to generate and implement ideas for marketing and sales strategies. It is a small company, and everyone is encouraged to take initiative to go above and beyond. However, people are also encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, both good and bad. It is a very kind, positive and supportive atmosphere, and a lot of excitement is generated by our rapid growth, and by the recognition we receive from industry peers.
Cons: Sometimes, individual efforts are cast into the pot of "team achievement," and it can dissuade certain individuals from putting in the extra work that would allow them to attain greater recognition. Because of the hectic schedule, it can be difficult to coordinate and execute long-term plans/projects.

Marketing Specialist in Seattle:
"Multiple Hats."
Pros: I have a good variety of work, including Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Organic Search Marketing, plus CRM management.
Cons: We are a very small and resource constrained team.

Marketing Specialist in Onamia:
"Dawn's Review of MLHS."
Pros: I love helping others with their marketing needs. Whether it is needing giveaways, brochures, or other printed material, I love making others happy. I also enjoy writing about things for our employee newsletter.
Cons: Carrying things to and from office to other parts of the hospital.

Marketing Specialist in Raleigh:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Culture is great, flexibility, ability to work-from-home.
Cons: The pay.