Marketing Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Specialist?

Marketing Specialist in Phoenix:
"Cost of living and wather."
Pros: Weather and cost of living.
Cons: Lack of culture, heat in the summer.

Marketing Specialist in Mumbai:
Pros: Explosure to different working culture.
Cons: Travelling.

Marketing Specialist in Houston:
Pros: I love my job. It's fulfilling, helps people and fits my personality.
Cons: I would like to make more money.

Marketing Specialist in Gainesville:
"Balancing Tedium and Creative Exuberance."
Pros: The job provides me with many creative outlets and opportunities to think about problems in new ways. I love working with my co-workers to bounce new ideas off each other, and the occasional discovery is always a delight. The benefits are great, the pay is solid, and my managers are an encouraging and supportive bunch.
Cons: The market research side of the job is utterly tedious and can make entire weeks disappear into the ether. The stress is manageable, but anywhere in which there are futures at stake, things can get heated.

Marketing Specialist in Norfolk:
"Good culture."
Pros: My coworkers work as a team, good communications around the company.
Cons: Tedious work, outside contacts are a mixed bag.

Marketing Specialist in Norcross:
"Working as a Marketing Specialist."
Pros: Office culture, work flexibility, the management, and the environment.
Cons: The pay is not equivalent to what others make in this line of work.

Marketing Specialist in American Fork:
Pros: Solving problems, data analysis.
Cons: Mundane tasks that require a lot of attention.