Mechanical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical Engineer in Huntington:
"Decent job."
Pros: I like the pay and benefits.
Cons: Very stressful at times and not enough vacation.

Mechanical Engineer in Chico:
"I get to solve problems."
Pros: I work with a good team. We work together to find effective solutions to the problems our company faces.
Cons: The pay. Our company hires fresh out of college engineers which is great, but that combined with living in a medium sized town means that our pay does not reflect the national average.

Mechanical Engineer in Chicago:
Pros: The ability to tie in theory of coursework to the real world and to see a product go from concept to development.
Cons: Lack of communication, unclear path of company, bad executive decisions.

Mechanical Engineer in waltham:
Pros: Flexibility and variety, small size.
Cons: Small size.

Mechanical Engineer in Tulsa:
"It is very satisfying as I get to live out my dream!"
Pros: Problem solving and design analysis.
Cons: The soft skills such as writing and meeting with sales people.

Mechanical Engineer in La Mirada:
"Love What I Do."
Pros: Every job is new. I am on a project from the very beginning to installation on the customer's floor. I love being able to see my design come to life on the customer's floor.
Cons: Lack of proper processes with my current employment. Lack of communication. Lack of proper research and information gathering prior to start of projects. Lack of appreciation for loyal contributing employees.

Mechanical Engineer in Ramallah:
"It Is Always About You, Study Hard, Work Hard And Think Big."
Pros: Knowing every single detail is what makes you strong in your job, and that's can be done by "ASKING" don't ever be afraid of ask how and why!
Cons: Working stress and pressure makes your commitment to do work in perfect way is not going to be a priority sometimes.