Medical Biller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Biller?

Medical Biller in Saginaw:
"Medical Billing."
Pros: I like working with my co workers. I like being behind the scenes.
Cons: The pay and mad patients and insurance companies that don't want to pay claims.

Medical Biller in Kirkland:
"What should I be paid?"
With the increasing use of electronic medical records with automatic coding and billing systems you need to be more diligent to scrub your claims to insure your practice is not up-coding.

Medical Biller in Myrtle Beach:
"Ed supply coding."
Get a certified position.

Medical Biller in San Mateo:
"How often cost of living raises would be offered. I've had 1."
Insurances change so fast. You have to think of billing as a puzzle. If you like puzzles you will love your job.

Medical Biller in Norfolk:
"Challenging and Fun."
Pros: The challenges that are presented on a day to day basis that keep the job interesting. Working with patient's everyday to help with any questions or concerns they may have. Learning about different insurance companies and how they work.
Cons: The amount of work can be overwhelming at times. The constant changes to medical laws and medical insurances can be confusing at times. You have to stay on your toes at all times when dealing with the different companies and organizations.

Medical Biller in Irving:
Pros: Flextime room for advancement tuition reimbursement vacation time bonus.
Cons: Favoritism looked over communication.

Medical Biller in Kinnelon:
Pros: It can be very challenging. It's very satisfying when a problem gets solved. I love my co workers.
Cons: It can be overwhelming. Hard to get answers from management.