Medical Biller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Biller?

Medical Biller in Tumwater:
Pros: What I like most about my job is I keep busy.
Cons: Management does not appreciate how hard we work.

Medical Biller in Van Nuys:
Pros: I like being busy it keeps my mind occupied. And I love the patients at my job.
Cons: The Dr. I work for thinks he can push people around and insult them whenever he has a chance. Anorher thing is he underpays the wmployees who do the most work at the company.

Medical Biller in New York:
"Just do it."
Do what you think is wright.

Medical Biller in Pawtucket:
"Multitasking Analyst."
Pros: I like being part of the billing cycle that can impact positive cash flow.
Cons: Long wait calls to insurance companies.

Medical Biller in Kittanning:
"Good schedule."
Pros: Good schedule.
Cons: Making the same amount of money for the past 4 years-no benefits.

Medical Biller in Sarasota:
Get as much experience as you can!

Medical Biller in Los Angeles:
Pros: Busy office work is simple and done daily.
Cons: Fast pace office politics.