Medical Biller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Biller?

Medical Biller in Longview:
"Drive is long and the town is congested."
Pros: Plenty of places to eat.
Cons: Long drive.

Medical Biller in Sunnyvale:
"Traffic commute."
Pros: Its exciting working in silicon valley.
Cons: Traffic congestion too many people in this area.

Medical Biller in Charleston:
"Difficult Insurance Companies."
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Medical Biller in Mansfield:
Pros: How exciting it can be, you must be a good problem solver. Multi Tasker. It's very demanding, when you've gone through all the motions to get a claim paid and it's successful it's a good feeling. When you keep being denied over and over, trying everything you know to be tried and true and it doesn't work. Yet finally it does, is an even greater feeling.
Cons: The stress mainly is the worst part.