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The average pay for a Medical Receptionist with Computer Service skills is $11.49 per hour.

The average pay for a Medical Receptionist with Computer Service skills is {{pay}} per year.


Job Description for Medical Receptionist

Medical office receptionists are administrative professionals who are responsible for a variety of clerical tasks within medical offices. These receptionists work in offices within health care environments with both patients and other professionals, generally during daytime office hours, though some who work in hospitals and other 24-hour facilities may have extended shifts.


Medical Receptionist Tasks

  • Compile and record medical charts, reports, and correspondence.
  • Interview patients to complete insurance and privacy forms.
  • Receive insurance co-pay payments and post amounts paid to patient accounts.
  • Schedule and confirm patient appointments, check-ups and physician referrals.
  • Answer telephones and direct calls to appropriate staff.

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Medical Receptionist Job Listings

Medical Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Medical Receptionist?

Medical Receptionist in Missoula:
"Lynda's job."
Pros: I enjoy the people I work with.
Cons: Too many bosses and lack of insurance and pay.

Medical Receptionist in Toms River:
"Medical Office Float."
Pros: I love the diversity of my position. I love that I have learned and assumed new positions within the work place, and that I am malleable within the office. I feel that this makes me a desired worker and that I am an asset to the office, given the amount of alternative positions I have excelled in.
Cons: No Compensation. I feel that in the work place my co-workers and me are under appreciated. I feel that often times good work goes un-noticed and only flaws are pointed out. Since I was hired, I have assumed multiple different responsibilities, many of which require a computer to accomplish. I have yet to be financially compensated for my growth within the office, and I am forced 3 out of 5 days a week to hunt and borrow a computer. I am expected to accomplish all my work without the means to get it done, and without an adequate work space! It is stressful considering my time is being wasted looking for a place to get my work done. Office set up is poor, but unchangeable, often times it is too loud to hear a patient at the window, and I feel that this makes for poor patient care.

Medical Receptionist in Gainesville:
"Urgent care is stressful & not about patient care."
Stay away from occupational medicine.

Medical Receptionist in Wilmington:
"The management is exceptional and flexible."
Pros: No stress, hours are great, office conditions are exceptional.
Cons: Nothing.

Medical Receptionist in Providence:
"Busy, multi tasking, selling, phones, clean rooms."
Pros: Plastic surgery is fun to talk about and be around.
Cons: Pleasing all patients, multitasting and tasks outside of receptionist work.

Medical Receptionist in Hamilton:
Pros: Coworkers. Patients.
Cons: Low pay rate. No benefits. No appreciation.

Medical Receptionist in Raleigh:
"I Always Knew I Wanted To Have A Career In Healthcare."
Always remember to try to put the shoe on the other foot! Realize that the people you are helping really do need it. No-one likes to go the doctor! The stress level can get high, but the better you are at your job, the less the stress. Being kind and professional will keep you and the patient happy.

Key Stats for Medical Receptionist

Less than 1 year
1-4 years

Years of Experience

Less than 1 year
1-4 years

Common Health Benefits

medical benefits
Medical: 80%
dental benefits
Dental: 60%
vision benefits
no benefits
None: 20%