Office Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Assistant?

Office Assistant in Gurgaon:

Office Assistant in White City:
Pros: I like the fact that I can sit at my desk and get things done, I like special orders, I like deck sales.
Cons: The fact that im not in sales as much and only office, answering the phone when I need to do office work.

Office Assistant in Gainesville:
"Flexible hours."
Pros: The fact that I trust the owner.
Cons: Sitting at a computer all day.

Office Assistant in Houlton:
"Works hard - Eager to Learn."
Pros: Patient interaction and helping older patients. Working with the computer and creating forms in Word & Excel.
Cons: Not being recognized for my computer skills. Inadequate training. Limited access to formal training.

Office Assistant in Ohio:
Pros: I like what I do just not who it's for.
Cons: Who I work for.

Office Assistant in Dimock:
"Very busy sometimes stressful."
Pros: The people.
Cons: Being blamed for something I didn't do.

Office Assistant in Barre:
"Great workplace atmosphere, not best use of degree."
Pros: Great workplace atmosphere, great communication between coworkers and accessibility to technology to fulfill job, flexibility of schedule.
Cons: Not the best use of my degree, some cleaning duties, pay rate.