Office Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Assistant?

Office Assistant in Chicago:
Cons: I think that I should be making more money.

Office Assistant in Mankato:
Pros: Hours/work flexibility. Office Culture. Low stress most of the time.
Cons: The Pay. The Boss. The lack of upwards mobility.

Office Assistant in Santa Barbara:
"Lots of errands and multitasking. Duties change on daily."
Pros: Working at my own pace/supervision and remaining busy.
Cons: Lack of communication with executives.

Office Assistant in Las Vegas:
"Its a nice job and I get to interface with a lot of nice peo."
Pros: I like meeting new people and learning new ways of doing my job.
Cons: I least like the stress.

Office Assistant in Bergenfield:
"Flexible Work Environment."
Pros: Telecommuting company, makes a great impact upon special needs children and their families, passionate and dedicated staff, ability to work from home, and flexible scheduling.
Cons: Lack of communication at times between staff members due to telecommuting corporate culture.

Office Assistant in Anadarko:
Pros: I like the people that I work with. I like the jobs I do. I like doing the budget and the purchasing for the whole department. I like managing the Princess program. I like booking travel for the whole department. I like being able to participate in the monthly cultural events. I like being apart of a growing department.
Cons: The only thing I do not like about my job is the pay that I receive. My job responsibilities have expanded greatly from the time I started. I took over the majority of the prior Cultural Preservation assistant Directors responsibilities.

Office Assistant in Worcester:
"Office Culture."
Pros: I like the clients we work with. I also enjoy answering the phones and filling in for the current receptionist. I get to walk around meet with people and see what people need.
Cons: I hate that I have to do like 50 peoples jobs including my own that I have to stock everything and clean everything and people still complain.