Office Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Assistant?

Office Assistant in Mapleton:
Pros: It’s convenient to where I live
Cons: Dry, uninspiring atmosphere

Office Assistant in Pembroke:
"It’s very stressful. If your not an organizated person and a people person the job isn’t for you."
Pros: I have a lot of friends at work.
Cons: The company

Office Assistant in Wenatchee:
"Great community."
Pros: close to family

Office Assistant in San Francisco:
"High Volume."
Pros: Potential for High Comp.
Cons: Traffic and crowds

Office Assistant in Kingman:
Pros: Its on old hwy 66 that I drive each day.
Cons: The weather, traffic on main rd thru town, people are slow at driving even speed limit, too many dirt roads!

Office Assistant in Takoma Park:
"Learn New Things, Meet New People."
Pros: The atmosphere
Cons: Confined living and space

Office Assistant in Detroit:
"It's good."
Pros: I just like my city
Cons: crime/but thats just about everywhere