Office Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Assistant?

Office Assistant in Detroit, Michigan:
Pros: I've been working in Detroit all of my life, so I can't compare
Cons: N/A

Office Assistant in Dixon:
"Could Be Better."
Pros: I can stay busy.
Cons: Struggle in getting proper tools Information to complete certain jobs.

Office Assistant in Buffalo:
Pros: Love an easy commute. Great hours, no weekends. Great city with 4 seasons and plenty of activity.
Cons: Occasional snow and slush. Daylight savings time.

Office Assistant in New York:
"How much I would be paid."
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Office Assistant in Fredericksburg:
"Its okay."
Pros: the area is a nice area
Cons: traffic

Office Assistant in Los Angeles:
"I get to mentor students, and organize events!"
Pros: I love that I am able to mentor our students. I am also able to organize and plan educational events for our students and community. I am also the dance coach, so I get to show the importance of the arts to our students. I am able to interact with teachers and administration, and through that grow as a leader.
Cons: I wish I would be able to be financially stable with the pay I receive, but I am not.

Office Assistant in Westbrook:
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Have to pay tolls twice a day.