Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Charlotte:
"Office Manager."
Pros: - Little to no supervision. - Responsible for prioritizing work and completing work at own pace. - Assisting employees and customers. - Flexible Schedule. - 2 Weeks Paid Vacation & Paid Holidays. - Christmas Bonus.
Cons: - Extremely boring, repetitive, not challenging or fulfilling work. - Frequently little to no appreciation for work by superiors. - Too much time spent sitting at the computer contributing to back pain, weight gain and headaches.

Office Manager in St. Louis Park:
Pros: The people. Invoices. Dress code. Flexibility. Culture.
Cons: Driving.

Office Manager in Omaha:
"Office Manager, no fame, all guts."
Pros: I really enjoy working with spread sheets, working to solve problems, and accomplish goals.
Cons: Frequently you have to "mind read" the other managers so that you can stay a step ahead of the game. You also have to play the role of several different managers.

Office Manager in Seattle:
"Office Manager Equals Office Mom."
Balance the needs of the position (i.e., processing payroll, expenses, taxes, collections, invoicing, etc) with the needs of the office (i.e., overall mood, taking care of problems, being the go-to person). The needs of the office can become overwhelming if allowed to go unchecked, especially in a small office environment.

Office Manager in Morgan Hill:
"Brave New World."
Pros: Exposure to an increasing scope of people. Learning new languages and traveling. Challenges of new projects.
Cons: The time change between Europe and the US. Travel safety concerns. The occasional technical glitch that impedes production.

Office Manager in Boston:
"Independent Work With An Ever Changing Workload."
Pros: Good atmosphere and a brand/mission I believe in.
Cons: What I am currently being paid seems a bit low for the area.

Office Manager in Paw Paw:
"How stressful it would be."
Be prepared to be stressed out and deal with a lot of crazy people.