Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Kalispell:
"Utilizing the skills I enjoy."
Pros: The members, the job duties.
Cons: Nothing.

Office Manager in Houston:
"Culture, work flexibility, perks, office conditions."
Pros: Knowing that what I do helps others successfully do their job. I love, love the event planning for whole company.
Cons: Others don't like to be my backup.

Office Manager in Columbia:
Pros: Helping people in need who would go astray without and individual to assist them.
Cons: I dont real like the long hours of travel from the job to home due to the 5:00 OClock traffic.

Office Manager in Anchorage:
Pros: Flexibility, family orientated, not micromanaged, fun enviroment.
Cons: Lack of communication.

Office Manager in Mountain View:
"I love it."
Pros: Working and coaching associates.
Cons: Not compensated enough.

Office Manager in West Springfield:
"Great corporate culture, clean, stress free environment."
Pros: Its diversity, not always doing exactly the same task repeatedly each day make the job more interesting.
Cons: Having to work with an employee with a bad attitude.

Office Manager in Verona:
"Scalability and everything under it."
Pros: Creativity, autonomy, authority, decision maker, exciting, potential, good people, opportunity, flexibility, work/life balance, variety, diversity, support, resources.
Cons: Pay, location, "bad eggs"