Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Boise:
Pros: There are dogs in the office an the hours have some flexibility.
Cons: Things are very fast paced.

Office Manager in Winston-Salem:
"Fast Paced Office Environment."
Pros: The company is stable. The people are nice to work with. Job requires multitasking. The pace is fast and stress levels are often high.
Cons: Frustration with the performance of others being excused but not my occasional mistake.

Office Manager in Houston:
"This job has many different duties and new skills are learne."
Pros: There is a certain amount of flexible time in reporting to work and being able to attend to personal matters when I want to. It is a challange and I AM AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE CUStOMER SERVICE TEAM.
Cons: Often I am not given credit for the value of the roll I play . The salary is too low.

Office Manager in Overland Park:
"Office management and administration."
Pros: Flexibility, perks, management, culture.
Cons: Traffic during commute, salary, corporate.

Office Manager in Los Angeles:
"Office Manager."
Pros: Working with people with different personalities. Learning all aspects of the business. The challenges that come with a growing company.
Cons: No real processes in place. Management not always understanding the importance of the people that work there. Direct manager not a fit. Support is hard to come by. No training, trial and error mentality.

Office Manager in Franklin:
"I Love my Job."
Pros: I get along very well with my boss. He and I work well together and he respects me and trusts me to run his company. I have a lot of Freedom to make crucial decisions that affect the company. I am responsible for a variety of tasks and that list is always growing. The environment is casual but also professional. I am always busy and never bored. I am in a leadership role and am responsible for setting a positive example for the team. I am responsible for creating processes an procedures to help make the company run efficiently.
Cons: My job title grows and I don't get compensated for the additional work I take on. I feel like I am being taken for granted sometimes. Sometimes there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done and I am only one person. I feel like I have to pick up the slack for others. I don't feel appreciated for what I do or recognized for how much I do.

Office Manager in Eldon:
"Job in General."
Pros: I do have the option of taking scheduled days off, work at my own pace most of the time,
Cons: I feel that I go above and beyond, I not only take care of the office, but if needed I can work most of the machines in the plant. I have worked in the field, and have a class b license and have driven to get materials when needed.