Operations Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Operations Supervisor?

Operations Supervisor in Rancho Cucamonga:
"Long hours and unappreciated."
Pros: Good salary, benefits, holidays off.
Cons: Long hours, no overtime, unreal expectations on leadership.

Operations Supervisor in Salt Lake City:
"ToolRental manager."
Pros: Amazing bosses, excellent opportunity to grow and improve skillset.
Cons: Pay entry level employees relatively little, can't keep good employees, lots of turn over.

Operations Supervisor in Duncanville:
"Improve and learn."
Pay attention to all employees, you can learned a lot from them too.

Operations Supervisor in Charlotte:
"Good benefits, good pay."
Pros: Pay and vacation time and good people.
Cons: Pressure to hold people accountable for actions that may not be theirs to own.I believe in taking ownership. I do not believe in placing blame on a scale goat..

Operations Supervisor in Nashville:
Pros: Very competitive environment and promotes from within.
Cons: Awful work culture that treats people badly.

Operations Supervisor in Durham:
Pros: -Flexibility. -Freedom. -Began working "on the ground floor" when company first launched. -Culture. -Diversity.
Cons: -Low Pay. -Limited advancement opportunities. -Demanding hours.

Operations Supervisor in Edwards:
Pros: Working with great people that are like minded.
Cons: Having to watch those that work the hardest and in the most dangerous conditions get paid and taken care if so poorly by management.