Practice Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Practice Manager?

Practice Manager in Baltimore:
Pros: Constantly learning new things. Work at a quick pace.
Cons: Supposed to be heavily reliable on bonuses but no follow-through. Excessive work hours. Far commute.

Practice Manager in Baltimore:
"Constantly busy, high stress level."
Pros: Employees work very hard. Get base salary with minor commission compensation.
Cons: Very stressful. Inability to hire more employees because of restrictions. High turnover rate.

Practice Manager in Massapequa:
"Do not wait for the right time to make your dreams come true."
Be relevant. Understand the day to day changes in healthcare.

Practice Manager in Concord:
"Know what you are being hired for."
Make sure that your DVM knows what a practice manager can do and do they really want a practice manager, or do they want a front office manager.

Practice Manager in Mt. Vernon:
"How healthcare would change."
Having to keep up with ever-changing health care over the past 10 years is overwhelming. Also, growing the practice and learning how to promote the practice on my own has been challenging but very rewarding.

Practice Manager in Reno:
"Benchmarks and Better Employee Relations."
Finish your degree.

Practice Manager in Cincinnati:
"Rely on others."
Rely on others for help for situations you can't handle. It's difficult to say "I don't know" but when you add "I will find out" it makes it all better. Ask your colleagues. There are always people out here to help you. Don't be afraid to ask.