Practice Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Practice Manager?

Practice Manager:
Aultman Hospital is a wonderful place to work. Very competitive pay and great benefits. I have been employed with this organization for 17 years and it’s the best move I ever made. I recommend Aultman to everyone looking for advancement or just looking for a positive change.

Practice Manager in Laramie:
"Friendly small town atmosphere."
Pros: Good schools
Cons: Weather

Practice Manager in Beaverton:
"Ideal Location ideal for resources."
Pros: Fast pace environment. Engage employees committed to patient education and partnership.
Cons: Needing more space to grow the practice.

Practice Manager in Miami:
"Popular topics."
Pros: Things to do, weather, food, culture.
Cons: Traffic/commute; cost of living.

Practice Manager in Muncie:
"Good knowledge."
Pros: Everything.
Cons: Overworked.

Practice Manager in Gainesville:
Listen, listen, listen to the employees and patients. The patient always comes first.

Practice Manager in Middletown:
"Good Job."
Pros: The commute is not too bad even though it takes me 50 minutes to drive. I don't hit traffic. The area is good and there is a mall less than a mile away if I need to pick up something. Nothing to walk to though.
Cons: My family is far away, so it takes me at least 45 minutes in case of an emergency.