Prep Cook Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Prep Cook?

Prep Cook in Wilmington:
Find other work. Or really research the restaurants that pay well and treat theit employees with respect and fair practices. Stay away from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Prep Cook in Cleveland:
"Self worth."
Pros: The people the atmosphere also this is my home.
Cons: Sometimes just like an every place else it gets rough.

Prep Cook in Tempe:
Pros: It's the town I was raised in I like that.
Cons: I feel I'm grossly underpaid for such hard work.

Prep Cook in Tucson:
"Along with dish, making salads and appetizers."
Pros: Employee termination is rare and the management tends not to micromanage.
Cons: Very, very dead end, low ambition atmosphere, raises are almost never given to anybody.

Prep Cook in Knoxville:
"Not enough pay."
Pros: Management helps when they want.
Cons: Employees are rude.

Prep Cook in Charlottesville:
"I do too much work for what I'm getting compensated."
Pros: I like the job, but I just don't feel like $10 per hour is enough.
Cons: Not enough pay.

Prep Cook in Albany:
"Low pay long hours."
Pros: The work was easy, but time consuming. People were friendly and I could listen to music.
Cons: The pay was horrid and the hours insane. In prep areas. And if you didn't work crazy long days you made no money. They made sure you worked 5-6 days a week even if it was only 3 hours a day when working line.