Prep Cook Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Prep Cook?

Prep Cook in Pleasant Hill:
"Easy amd fullfilling."
Pros: The management is great, schedule is favorable.
Cons: Uniforms & cold atmosphere in cooler.

Prep Cook in Medina:
"Preparing food for the store."
Pros: The people, the work can be boring but the people are fun.
Cons: Poor management, semi poor working conditions.

Prep Cook in Seaford:
"I don't like we're I work everyone their is rude to me."
Pros: I'm able to pay some of my bills.
Cons: Everyone is rude to me, like treating me like dirt, no pay raise, and get yelled at every time someone messes up and when I mess up. My boss even smack talks and gets ignorant with me. If I go for a break I'll get yelled at. It's made me so stressful that I was on anziety meds for along while.