Prep Cook Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Prep Cook?

Prep Cook in Beckley, West Virginia:
"Stay Far, Far Away."
Pros: My days off are the only thing I like about my job.
Cons: They don't offer paid vacations to full-time hourly employees. The pay is low. Raises are few and far between. Management is just there to collect a paycheck and do the least amount of work they can get away with. There's no accountability when people don't do their jobs. The hours are long, tedious and monotonous. Did I mention the pay is low and they don't offer full-time hourly employees paid vacations? It's hands-down the worst job I've had in my life.

Prep Cook in Orlando, Florida:
"Snowbirds & Tourists go home!"
Pros: Born and raised here.
Cons: Population & Competition for jobs is rather high in Orlando.

Prep Cook:
My time at Texas Roadhouse was great I was trained effectively and given everything needed to make good food all the other cooks and servers have great attitudes and I was given three raises that I did not have to beg for.

Prep Cook in 26505:
"I enjoy my work because I can do my work an then go home. Ve."

Prep Cook in New York:
"Be ready to stand on your feet."
Get comfortable shoes, don't take everything the customer says to heart, you do have the right to refuse a customer.